Tommy D Award

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2014 Winner Tyler D’Errico

The Football Player

“The towering player all in bright red, white and yellow, with a solid red helmet on his head. A Football player with no fear, and with muddy shoes and with an oblong ball in his hand. A football player who had been soaked with sweat and smothered by players, hit by pads, and cut by spikes, cheered by his teammates, and booed, by his opponents. Who played with all his heart, and didn’t stop trying to the final end. A man who smiled, laughed, cried, cheered, frowned and who was great at the game and never stopped trying.”


Tommy DiDomizio
Aug 14, 1977 – July 15, 1992

Contributions to the Tommy DiDomizio Scholarship Fund Should be sent to:

Cheshire Gridiron Club, P.O. Box 391 Cheshire CT 06410

Checks should be payable to the “Tommy DiDomizio Scholarship Fund”